Products and services of Google Inc.

Products and services of Google Inc.


Google Chrome (Windows XP / Windows Vista), Linux, Mac OS X
Web browser based on WebKit

Google Desktop (Linux and Windows 2000 SP3 + / XP / Vista)

The program used to search for files on your computer. Indexes mail, documents, music, photos, chats, web history, and other files. It allows you to install Google Gadgets.

Google Earth (Linux, Mac OS X and Windows 2000 / XP)

The program for viewing satellite images to three-dimensional model of the Earth, based on the Keyhole technology (purchased by Google in October 2004). As part of the basic version of the program is free. Used by him satellite images are also available as part of another service – Google Maps.

Gmail Notifier

Notifies you of new messages on his Gmail account and upcoming events in Google Calendar.

Web applications

Google Gadgets

Mini-applications that run on the Google homepage, Google Desktop, or any page of the website. They can be a simple HTML-I or complex application, such as a calendar, weather and the media player.


Google Accessible Search

Version of the Google search engine for the visually impaired.


Google Cardboard

Virtual reality available without complications,
unnecessary expenditure and excessive seriousness.


Treat yourself goggles
Download the template, fold it and look inside. Look at the world through the Cardboard. Experience virtual reality with a simple device that can make or buy any. Once you have them, you’ll find plenty of applications available at your fingertips. We have very many types of goggles, so you will definitely find a model that perfectly suit you.

You have already Cardboard?
Visit new places, explore the fascinating game, gliding in space and try many other things.

Join developers
Cardboard Download the SDK and start yourself to create your own VR applications.

Jump allows you to create movies in VR technology. You may find yourself in the middle of the action and show new worlds to others.

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