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Olympus Rising

Play on the new games – Olympus Rising on Android and iOS devices.

About Cheats:

Flaregames, the men behind titles like Royal Revolt 2 and Dawn of Steel has recently released a new game – Olympus Rising. This new game is an action MMO accessible on both Android and Apple with an average rating of 4.6 out of 5 on Google Play and 5 stars from a maximum of 5 potential on Apple Store in 2016. It has been downloaded for more than 100,000 times already and it reveals a lot of potential.
In Olympus Rising hack you’re take the role of a God which occurs to understand a lot of other Gods and collectively you try and restore the mightiness of the Mount Olympus during gameplay for 2016. Join the heroic struggles for power, use your heroes to capture strategically placed isles and try and outsmart your enemies. Build militaries, think of strategies that will stop other individuals raid your Mountain and ultimately strive to have fun in the process.
Olympus Rising cheats is a game that requires Google Play Services in order to run. The very first time you enter the game you will be required to select an existent account or create a brand new one and from that moment the in-game report will be linked with your Google account. Due to this, your information and game progress will be saved and easily restored if some unexpected events happen.
The game runs on 3 distinct resources from which one is considered superior – the stone. The cost for Jewels changes – it starts from $4.99 which can get you 500 units and can go up to $119.99 which can grant you no less than 14,000 Jewels. It’s possible for you to use the gems for different material such as immediately upgrading buildings, completing researches, use them as an exchange token for Gold and Ambrosia (the other two resources) and to purchase additional workers in 2016.
Olympus Rising Hack for Gold, Ambrosia, & Jewels 2016
Gold, ambrosia, and jewels are the most important monies in Olympus Rising cheats. Without them, you ca’t win. You’ll need a lot of ambrosia, jewels, and gold. Download our free Olympus Rising hack tool now, directly from our website, to readily get jewels, ambrosia, and gold.
Our Olympus Rising hack tool is very easy to use. Take a gander at the picture below to see what it’ll look like. All you’ve got to do is enter the number of ambrosia, gold, and stone you desire. There are no surveys to complete and no APK root is required.

Olympus Rising Hack

Download Link:


You do not know how to download the hack? At the top of the page there is a tab “How to Download”

how to download hack

Features and Instructions- How to run Hack for Olympus Rising


Get Unlimited Gold

Get unlimited Gems

Remove All Ads

 – New Anti-Ban script – (100% safe)

Automatically Updater

No or Jailbreak needed

Easy User-Interface


  1. Download our hack from this website (link at the top)
  2. Run Olympus Rising Cheats using your PC or directly from Android / iOS / Windows Phone / and version for PC
  3. If you try to run mod directly from your computer run on the phone Bluetooth or connect your computer to your phone via USB cable.
  4. Run Olympus Rising apk hack
  5. Choose materials that you want to see in the game.
  6. Click Start and wait ~1 minute
  7. Enjoy!

If you have a problem running write to us! At the top of the page there is a tab “contact”

Descriptions and informations about games


Download our Olympus Rising hack from our site. It should take 30 seconds to download. After it downloads, it’s going to take another 30 seconds to install. Make sure you select Android or iOS. Enter the amount of gold, ambrosia, and gems you need. The 2016 Olympus Rising cheats works with no jailbreak or APK root and there are no surveys!
Click the big “start” button to begin the hack. After the hack has finished, which should only take about 30 seconds, open the app on your own apparatus like ordinary. Your stone, gold, and ambrosia will be prepared.

Cheats & Hints for Olympus Rising
Likely the most significant hint you’ll get – join an alliance as soon as possible. Once you unlock the multiplayer content, you will need help in order to live. Make friends and make them fast.
Do’t forget to use your exceptional powers in battles. If they generate AOE damage keep them for constructions, if not spam them on single troops.

Your hero can equip items so be sure you gear him properly. It will actually boost his skills and powers.
Keep an eye on the map layout before you participate in a battle. By studying it, you are going to have the ability to guess what obstacles you are going to strike and that can allow you to setting up the best team.
In conflicts, always put pressure on the enemy. Do’t ‘save’ your unit resources because you will not use them in the next battle. Try to swarm the opponent when possible for a quick triumph.
The islands are more prosperous when the hero visits them. So it would be clever to keep your hero on your main land in order to get additional resources.
Never step into the snare of the Vault of Hephaestus. Simply use the free keys to open three chests and leave. Paying the stone is not worth it.
Make an effort to create labyrinths as complicated as possible so you will discourage your opponent when he’s contemplating attack you. Only take into consideration what would annoy you the must and start building.
Be sure you collect both the resources from Mount Olympus Rising Cheats and the isles that are in your control. Once they reach the maximum capacity, you will start losing Ambrosia and Gold.

Olympus Rising cheats Review
You likely know me pretty well after all this time. One of many things that annoy me the most is the lack of originality in the games of handheld devices. You essentially have city contractors, tower defend titles and odd simulators. But every once in awhile a game rises like a phoenix and surprise me in a good way. Olympus Rising hack is that one.

The game is only astonishing in a lot of aspects and sections. Starting with the theme selection – I mean who does’t adore the Greek mythology. An age of prosperity, love and legendary battles between gods and humans. Along with this, eventually, you have more than your average city-contractor. Yes, it is still a city-builder simulator but it’s 3D, you’ve heroes, you set-up a labyrinth for your competitions and it is assaulting-oriented.
You have lots of isles, you need to multi task and you should prioritize your resources in order to get maximum advantage from them. With this type of complex game, you ca’t really complain about lacking of day-to-day rewards or themed events. But should you complain, then let me tell you a little secret – you have them both. And in addition to this, you have an extremely interesting multiplayer implementation where you invent alliances and you make an effort to show that your gods are the real ones and people should favor you not them.

olympus rising games
Still another thing I value about Olympus Rising is the independence you have compared with other titles – you can choose what isles to attack, what resources to prioritize and how exactly to construct your hero – this is uncommon and amazing. Additionally, it is worth saying the paradox that is happening in Olympus Rising hack – you’ve an extremely complex title with lots of features and components and yet is very simple to be played and an inexperienced user should not have any problems loving it.

There ca’t be only good things in a game so now it’s time to discuss about what the developers should consider changing about Olympus Rising cheats or what they did wrong with the game. Definitely, the apparent issue with this title is the similarities shared with Royal Revolt. Let get this direct from the start – the mechanisms are the same but everything else is different.
I’m not attempting to pardon them but I’ve seen a lot more blatantly copycats of other titles that have a loyal fan base and nobody cares about. It’s still unjust but this title is at precisely the same time way better than its ‘source of inspiration’. Another issue I have with Olympus Rising hack is that the game borrowed some bad habits from nowadays titles as well. The game is quite attacking-oriented so the existence of ‘elixir’ which is used when invading other islands is quite poor in my opinion.
Free to play users are undoubtedly at disadvantage here and that should not be the case. Either reduce the cost or decrease the timer so everyone can enjoy their game. One last terrible thing that it’s worth mentioning in this review is most likely the fairly poor optimization of the game. Olympus Rising is a new title and those problems will most probably be resolved in the near future but if you want to be considered completely professional, you should truly test your app on all apparatus before releasing the complete game – folks will value it.

Overall, Olympus Rising is a game I’d definitely advocate. I do’t know just why but right from the start of reviewing this title, I had a great feeling about it – and I wasn’t mistaken. There are lots of interesting elements and chosen as a whole, Olympus Rising hack is definitely worth your focus.


Enjoy with Hack Olympus Rising!

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