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Leap Day

About Cheats:

Are you tried of games with repetitive degrees, or possibly got bored of games that simply fail to deliver more once you completed all of their present degrees? Do’t worry, as Leap Day aims to change up this formula in a big way! In this platformer title levels are created daily by an algorithm, with randomized traps and monsters to defeat in 2016. Are you good enough to claim the golden trophy on all upcoming amounts?
Leap Day is a brand new action platformer game created by Nitrome, developer of high quality retro inspired games. Even if you have’t learned of this team yet, the following names of theirs might ring a bell: 8bit Doves, Platform Panic, Rust Bucket or Ultimate Briefcase, just to record a number of examples already released in 2016.
Leap Day has earned an above average 4.7/5 stars rating on the Google Play Store, while it’s a 4/5 stars rating on the Apple App Store in 2016. With a rather low few thousand downloads currently, the game isn’t doing as well as big hits tend to by now. Still, it’s only been released for three days, so it might provide some surprises to bring it to the top. Read on to find out more!
Do you want to win at Leap Day? Desire to beat all of your buddies? You’ll desire lots of fruit and torsos. To get them for free, download our Leap Day hack software now, directly from our site. This will let you readily get fruit, and unlock all torsos and no ads.
The Leap Day hack tool is super easy to use! Take a look at the picture below. All you have to do is enter the number of fruit you want. The torsos and no advertising will enable automatically for you. It could’t be any easier. You can use the Leap Day hack tool without jailbreaking or APK rooting your device.
Download our Leap Day cheats from our website. It will take 30 seconds to download. After it finishes downloading, you’ll need to install it. This takes another 30 seconds. Make sure you click Android or iOS before beginning the hack. Input the amount of fruit you would like. There’s no need to fill out any surveys to use the Leap Day cheats.
Subsequently, click on the big, blue “start” button. This will start hacking the game. After it’s completed — only another 30 seconds, we promise! — open the program like you ordinarily would. Your fruit and chests will be loaded. The advertising will be removed entirely.


leap day hack

Download Link:


Tutorial- How to Download?

Features and Instructions- How to run Hack for Leap Day


Get Unlimited Fruit

Get Unlimited Chest

Unlock Premium

Remove All Ads

 – New Anti – Ban script – (100% safe)

Automatically Updater

No or Jailbreak needed

Easy User-Interface


  1. Download our hack from this website (link below)
  2. Run Cheats using your PC or directly from Android / iOS / Windows Phone Devices
  3. If you try to run mod directly from your computer run on the phone Bluetooth or connect your computer to your phone via USB cable.
  4. Run apk hack
  5. Choose materials that you want to see in the game.
  6. Click Start and wait ~1 minute
  7. Enjoy!

If you have a problem running write to us! At the top of the page there is a tab “contact”

Description Games:

About Leap Day
It’s uncommon to discover a game on the mobile platforms that is certainly difficult due to the gameplay mechanics, and not because of unneeded constraints implemented by the developers. In the event of hack Leap Day, amounts can get frustratingly challenging occasionally, so just proceed with it if you are prepared for a true, but still fair challenge!
The fundamental idea behind this game is somewhat exceptional, and there have simply been a low number of others during the years that tried their hands at something similar. Upon the launch of the game on May 11th, 2016, it only had one amount accessible to play, which might sound like a serious lack of content. But the trick is that the game uses an algorithm that creates amounts daily at midnight, adding them into the game without delay. These amounts are based on a few rules, but are otherwise randomized. Because of this system, each day players get a brand new level, while old ones will also stay in the match.
Now, the gameplay on these degrees is most similar to platformer games, meaning that you must enhance upwards through a series of platforms, while avoiding various traps and monsters. You control a small yellow creature, who always runs from left to right, with no means to prevent him. The only thing you get to control is the jumps he makes, permitting you to tap on the display at any time to perform a hop, while patting again in mid air will do a double jump. He can also cling to and slide down slowly on walls, letting you get even higher by bound directly from the wall.
You might believe that one touch gameplay like this ca’t really have depth, but you would be incorrect to presume that. Leap Day cheats actually needs lots of ability, as there are a wild assortment of traps and monsters that you simply need to prevent, while also accounting for the fact that the little yellow guy will never quit running. To make it even more difficult, once you reach any kind of trap or enemy, it means immediate death, and your guy will be resurrected at the previous checkpoint.
These so called traps change in a big way, including spikes, spinning saws, rolling spiky rocks or even fire skulls that rebound around the area. The enemy variety is even bigger, as you are going to meet monsters that run around on a stage, blocking your way, monsters that fire projectiles at you, fowl that throw eggs from above or even electrical jellyfish that’ll attempt to leap at you. These are just a few examples of traps and monsters, as there’s always opportunity for new ones to appear in next day’s at random created amount.
Since degrees in Leap Day apk hack comprise of 15 sections, in each section there’s a checkpoint, which you are able to select to activate upon reaching it. Entering the checkpoint place enables you to activate one of two chests: One prices 20 fruit to activate, while the other will begin an advertisement for you to watch, after which the torso is activated. To activate the checkpoint, it’s necessary for you to decide one of these torsos. Once this is done, you can restart the amount from this checkpoint at any time.
Collecting these so called fruit isn’t a challenging thing to do either, even if it might sound that way. Each level is basically covered in fruit, as between most checkpoints you’ll find at least 15, but more often than not more than 20 fruit. Only jump through these to pick them up, and they’ll be stored until you decide to use them on a checkpoint.

An optional in-app purchase is also available in Leap Day hack, discovered in the form of a huge chest inside another room at any checkpoint. This costs $3.99 to purchase, and it’ll unlock all preceding amounts immediately, while all checkpoints will be automatically activated for you upon reaching them in the future. Since the game also has a few ads after every third or fourth departure, this in-program purchase will also disable these permanently.
Hack for Leap Day has quite several crafty cheats, which you will absolutely be happy to hear about. Be it cheats related to earning more fruit or only gameplay suggestions, I have it all right here for you!
Among the most useful, yet likely somewhat apparent cheats of this game is the ability to watch an ad to unlock checkpoints. As mentioned before, you only have to jump into the advertising chest in any checkpoint room, then it is going to play a 15 to 30 seconds long advertising, after which it’ll get unlocked right away. If you use up all your fruit for some reason, then do’t worry to use this. It’s better to view a short advertisement than start again at an earlier checkpoint!
As for cheats associated with fruit, there’s one that most players do’t even think about. To get the most out gathered fruit in Leap Day, you can decide against using them in the current level, and instead return to another. Astonishingly enough, the fruit earned in stages will transfer around to all others, so you can grab a group of fruit in a simpler level, then bring it to a tougher one!
If you need to replay previous stages that were added to the game before you began playing, you can do that as well! Simply tap the little cog icon to enter the options screen, where you are able to choose which level to play. Preceding levels which you have’t seen yet will be grayed out, and you have to see an ad for each to unlock them. Once this is done, the level will be permanently available for you!
To be able to avoid grayed out stages, all you have to do is enter the game each day when the new amount is added, so Leap Day can monitor that you were active that day. Once you return to it later, these levels WOn’t have an adlock on them.
Gameplay wise the best suggestion I can give you is that you should be patient. Frequently times you must think twice before leaping into a trap and creature infested part of the stage, as there might be just one means to approach a scenario, while at other times you’ve got multiple ways to do it. See the movement of stages, enemies and most significantly the traps, so you can plan ahead!

Leap Day Review
Platformer games are one of my favourite genres on cellular, but there are so few of them that are smartly designed, in a difficult, yet not impossibly unjust way. After reading about the exceptional stage system of Leap Day hack and seeing its colorful layout, I could’t help but give it a hopeful attempt!
Visually this game is fairly amazing, as not only it’s brilliant, but the characters are ridiculous and comical looking, with each creature type and background character having its own personalized style. The level design is also amazing, since tricks are easy to find, and I seldom felt clueless on how exactly to proceed farther.
Before moving forward, I must mention that the randomly generated levels system is something that I discovered to be a genius idea. I ‘ve played games in this way before, for example 1000 Heroz a good five years past, but not many others managed to flesh it out very well. Thankfully Leap Day unlock premium has seemingly mastered this system for the most part, and I barely had any complaints. Likely the only thing I discovered was one particular stage element was discovered on both the May 12nd and May 13rd amounts, but apart from that all three currently accessible levels felt exceptional.
Additionally , I enjoyed the issue of the game, as it starts out rather simple near the 15, 14 and 13rd checkpoints, subsequently keeps growing all the way to the top. I really spent a full hour on the 4th checkpoint of the May 13rd level, as it was simply so tough to pass a part full of spinning power saws. But after eventually timing my moves flawlessly and defeating it, it felt amazing. I even managed to complete this same level and claim my golden prize, while reaching close to the top in the other two stages.
So even though Leap Day’s problem can make it feel frustrating at specific parts, including the 4th checkpoint of the May 13rd degree, additionally, it brings great satisfaction upon completion. That being said, more casual players and folks that do’t really want to invest time into a game should not pick this up, as it’ll take a great amount of time to beat each stage.
But even contemplating these matters, all the challenges the game areas in front of the player are reasonable, and can be finished by becoming better at it. Checkpoints are there to help with that, and since assembling fruit is really simple, I rarely had to watch an ad to activate checkpoints. The after passing advertisements were somewhat annoying though, and I feel like they should be less frequent.
In conclusion, Leap Day unlock premium has an extremely unique machinist of daily created levels, and a balanced, however more difficult than average difficulty level. It’s a game for people who love finding new things each day, and are also prepared to be conquered by the match a few times, until they master every inch of the stage facing them. If you feel like you are up to the challenge, then do’t hestitate to pick it up!
Leap Day Ratings
Art: The art of Leap Day hack gets an 9/10. Although I’m not the largest supporter of pixel art, I had to confess this game seems charmingly vibrant. Character and snare designs are also exceptional, making it simple to quickly analyze the current scenario even mid-jump.
Music & SFX: For the music and SFX of this name, I give it a 9/10 as well. The retro inspired music of this game is difficult to get tired of, it’s awesome and adorable at the exact same time. As far as I know the SFX are inspired by the old Mega Man games, but either way they’re pretty good.
Storyline & Originality: The story and creativity of Leap Day hack deserves a 9/10 as well. Though the story isn’t described too much, but it’s constantly being told by the surroundings on stages. The strange and comical creatures watch the yellow guy on TVs and clap for him in the background occasionally, creating an atmosphere as if he was in a life and death show. As for originality, the day-to-day stage notion mightn’t be completely new, but it’s performed in an extremely clever manner.
General Gameplay: Viewing the general gameplay of this game, I give it a rating of 8/10. It’s hard to perfectly balance the difficulty level, the mechanisms and the business model of a mobile game, but this is quite close to a good solution. The issue is honest, while the day-to-day stage system and the levels themselves are amazing. The only real negative parts are the advertising, which would function better if they would be less regular, considering that death happens quite often in this game.
Addictiveness: As for the addictiveness of the game, it gets an 9/10. Because of the addicting gameplay and the day-to-day level system there’s always something new to be excited for in this game. Perhaps even the price for the advertisement removal and free checkpoints purchase could be worth it for longtime players.
Complete Score: 9/10.

You liked the game but do not know where to download it?

Game available in:

Android – Play Google

iOS – iTunes Apple

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