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About Cheats:

Looking for Diep.io Hack ?

Not to worry I shall direct you the way you can get working Diep.io Cheats. Mod will provide you endless well-being so your tank will never perish from other players fire Diep.io Hack give you endless score booster to create highest score and it’ll be show on board. By using Diep.io Cheats you can level-up your tank as much as you need if your tank was of highest degree then your tank size and fires are enormous so you can save from using your game.

Diep.io was an another online multiplayer battle game.Diep.io – gain experience points to pump your tank. Attempt to beat all their opponents. Would you like to create highest score on board our team of programmers was created Diep.io Hack Tool. This mod will give your game speed boost should you be facing a joining problem on deip.io server use this hack it is going to resolve that issue.diep.io server was overloaded from alot of players thats why it was taking to much time for connecting if you’ve got our cheats it is going to join you on server only in a seconds. Diep.io also provide you endless score booster, unlimited lives and so many other features.

diep.io hack

Download Link:

Check new version v2 – Diep.io Hack and MOD


Tutorial- How to Download?

Features and Instructions- How to run Hack for Diep.io


Get Unlimited Energy

Unlimited Boost

Score & Time Booster


Fast Connect

Remove All Ads

 – New Anti – Ban script – (100% safe)

Automatically Updater

No or Jailbreak needed

Easy User-Interface


  1. Download our hack from this website (link below)
  2. Run Cheats using your PC or directly from Android / iOS / Windows Phone / and version for PC
  3. If you try to run mod directly from your computer run on the phone Bluetooth or connect your computer to your phone via USB cable.
  4. Run apk hack
  5. Choose materials that you want to see in the game.
  6. Click Start and wait ~1 minute
  7. Enjoy!

If you have a problem running write to us! At the top of the page there is a tab “contact”

Description Games:

Been playing Agario spin-off game, Diep.io Hack but want some tips for updating your tank and reaching higher amounts? Take a look at our Diep.io hints, tricks and strategy guide, here.

Diep.io, a third, browser-based game ace is taking the web by storm, joining the ranks of popular predecessors, Agar.io and Slither.io. But unlike Slither.io, which looked pretty simple to get a handle on after playing Agar.io, Diep.io, brings similar gameplay characteristics but with some twists which makes it an altogether different beast.

If you’ve just began playing Diep.io but you really have’t gotten the handle on the different tank classes, when to upgrade and what stats are most helpful, we’ve put together a beginner’s guide to playing the game and leveling up without using any cheats.

irst things first, for those that have heard of the game but are’t sure how it’s played, basically, instead of being a website or a snake, you embody a little tank. The object of the game, like Agar.io and Slither.io is to become the biggest baddest tank around and it needs demolishing tanks around you in order to get there. Nevertheless, in Diep.io it requires a little more ability than understanding the best way to dodge or dash at the correct times. In Diep.io cheats we’ve also got stat points and tank types that add complexity to the gameplay.

To play the game, you should visit Diep.io, type in a username and you’ll be taken to a recognizable looking game grid with your tiny tank in the middle (blue circle with tiny grey square attached).
Obstacles in the game, which you must shoot in order to obtain expertise and later level up, contain colored squares, triangles and pentagons.

To shoot simply point your mouse at your target and click the left mouse button or tap the space bar (instead, you can hold down either the left mouse or space bar for constant shots).
To move around the grid, use your arrow keys
When you ruin contours or other tanks your tank level bar begins to fill. After it’s total you level up.
Each time your Tank levels up you gain a stat point allowing you to add stats to your tank like health, bullet speed, penetration – there are eight district stats you can upgrade using points (more on those below). You get a stat point for each degree up until you hit 30.
When you reach level 15 tank you can pick what group of tank you desire to belong to – there are four. Each type, just like stats, adds a unique element to your gameplay (more on tank types below).

Diep IO – gain experience points to pump your tank. Try and defeat all their opponents. This is a new addictive multiplayer game.
please don’t put a poor assessment, we will soon upgrade the game and all will be well!

You liked the game but do not know where to download it?

Game available in:

Google Play

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