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With this Chaos Chronicle Hack you can get unlimited Ruby Gold and Stamina


About Cheats:

Hey! How are you? You know the company “Nexon Games”? This company has created, among other games such as FIFA Online 3, Fantasy War, HIT and many others. It created a very new game Chaos Chronicle. The game is not yet very popular but we are confident that in the coming weeks to reach hundreds of thousands of downloads. Why? The game is very good, you can see that NEXON tried and can be a big hit. The game is a typical RPG- kill monsters, fight duels, doing dungeons, improving our Items and skill and so on. Once upon a time so well is not any fun at the game, Baldrigeworks team recommended! Our ranking of 9/10, would give 10 but met up with a few errors to be corrected (the game has only two days). We decided to create Chaos Chronicle Hack who will give you unlimited Ruby, Gold and Stamina. We failed to create a “LVL-up hack” because Nexon has created really very good security and it is not possible. It seems to us that the total is good because our game Chaos Chronicle Hack so quickly get tired and just a little bit easier game 😛 Chaos Chronicle Cheats works on all phones with Android, iOS and Windows Phone. In addition, to protect Chaos Chronicle Cheats can be run directly on a PC or Mac. The manual is very easy, first start the game, then our Chaos Chronicle Cheats, select the options that interest you and get back to the game, that’s all 🙂 Many of you will enjoy our cheats via PC, it is not difficult. You must first run the Bluetooth in your phone, or connect the phone to the computer using a USB cable, then start the game and then turn on Chaos Chronicle Cheats. Easy, right? If anyone would have a problem with something, please write in the comments or contact us on fanpage or in the “Contact” But nobody will have problems: P We invite you to test our Chaos Chronicle Hack! Greetings team

Chaos Chronicle Hack

Download Link:


You do not know how to download the hack? At the top of the page there is a tab “How to Download”

how to download hack

Features and Instructions- How to run Hack for Chaos Chronicle


Get Unlimited Ruby

Get unlimited Gold

Get unlimited Stamina

Remove All Ads

 – New Anti-Ban script – (100% safe)

Automatically Updater

No or Jailbreak needed

Easy User-Interface


  1. Download our hack from this website (link at the top)
  2. Run Cheats using your PC or directly from Android / iOS / Windows Phone / and version for PC
  3. If you try to run mod directly from your computer run on the phone Bluetooth or connect your computer to your phone via USB cable.
  4. Run Chaos Chronicle apk hack
  5. Choose materials that you want to see in the game.
  6. Click Start and wait ~1 minute
  7. Enjoy!

If you have a problem running write to us! At the top of the page there is a tab “contact”

Descriptions and informations about games

Tactical Gameplay
– Prove your power with “Ability Cancel” to bring back the lost honor of your House!
– Double your ability damage with Perfect Cancel!
– Arrange & assemble different mixes of your own team.
– Enjoy the dynamic & tactical combat with your Squad!
– The most exciting, tactical action RPG ins your pocket!

Various Conflict Contents
– Adventure Manner : Seize the continents with your outstanding heroes!
– PvP System : Bring honour to your House by challenging other players in sensational PvP battle!
– Raid Creatures : Combine forces with other Houses and fight against the angry Raid Creatures!
– Manatech Tower : Advance through the tower and challenge your limitations!
– Daily Dungeons : Acquire substances to evolve your mighty heroes to the higher class!

Equipment Up, Rate Up, Power Up your Heroes in A Variety Of Ways
– Accumulate Hundreds of Unique Heroes & Equipment Items!
– Training System : Promote your heroes by using the Training System!
– Various ways to develop your Heroes : Evolve, Trade, Bolster & Synthesize!
– Fortify your house by finishing a variety of Quests!

Solid & Intriguing Stories of 12 Unique Heroes
– Immerse yourself into the stunning storyline.
– Battle with heroes from each place’s adventure story!

Be the Greatest Hero to save the world of Chaos Chronicle!

Like this game, but you do not know how to play it?

Chaos chrinice it’s available on

Play Google

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